Zero training required.

Designed to the drawn from its sheath and presented like a pistol, the Colonel requires no training and is as simple as throwing a natural punch. The blade angle matches the fist, while the ring keeps the blade securely in your grasp. This knife was a game changer before, and will continue to be a staple of self-defense, designed by tacticians with the end-user (you) in mind.

Stabilized Wrist Strength

The grip aligns your upper arm, forearm, and wrist into the strongest position: so strong you can do push-ups on these blades. Stable wrist; strongest grip; powerful strikes…every time.

Increased Target Speed

The knife lets you lead the point through the entire strike. You don’t lose a powerful swing to an edge swipe. The outcome: you make a greater percentage of strikes.

Zero Self-Stab

The design effectively reduces the issue of self-stab during engagement. Conceals like a gun; draws like a gun. No reloads. No jams, Just Punch! 



These are the original blades, accept no substitutes.

The blade that started it all is back.

“Long Live the Colonel”

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