ColonelBlade Trainers

Al Salvitti talks briefly about the new trainers made specifically for ColonelBlades.

Straight Handle vs The Colonel

Is there a significant difference between conventional straight-handled blades and ColonelBlades? Yes: Salvitti demonstrates why.

Blade Made for Shooters

Made specifically for practitioners with a set draw-stroke, a ColonelBlade draws and conceals like a side-arm. Al Salvitti explains the concept behind the blade ‘made for shooters’.

OtherBlades vs The Colonel

Al Salvitti discusses the difference between ColonelBlades and classic-style knives like a karambit and a punch. There are significant differences in both designs and capabilities. Watch….Get yours

The Reverse Grip

Al Salvitti demonstrates the effectiveness of ColonelBlades in reverse grip showing how both reach and grip are greatly improved. Take a look.

ColonelBlade FullBird

Al Salvitti introduces the Full Bird, our full-sized blade and demos its effectiveness with Bob D.

Double Blade Demo

A demonstration of how ColonelBlades provides dual attack blade capabilities that can’t be performed with straight edged-weapons.

Trainer Work

Al Salvitti demonstrates trainer work on a bag.

Get a Better Grip

Salvitti talks about grip deficiencies with a straight-handled blade and how the design of ColonelBlades allows for better grip and better blade skills.

NP3+® ColonelBlades

Robar® NP3+® ColonelBlades will be special order in 2017. Get more info about these specially coated blades that are available on-site for a limited-time.

Bucket Work

We are only looking for smooth speed. The empty hand is for diversion and to keep the rhythm of flow. Always going to train for multiple attackers, after two or three stabs on target he would just simply turn and the do same thing over and over. Targeting is 95% face and neck straight punching, targeting for uppercuts are the arms and armpit. This is just a demo to show how fast the colonel can be used with simple punching technique.